Covid and your practice

4th August 2020 Off By EHAp-Site-Admin

What you need to do for keeping yourself and you family safe when dealing with clients, best practice if possible is for them to use remote video through WhatsApp or less Secure Zoom, Skype etc

For all the procedures and information please follow this link to keeping

Covid Safe and Secure

Above all please do remember that infectious diseases do exist and these easy to follow steps also help to stop and reduce the transmission of colds, flu, TB etc and so are well worth following and why many will become standard practice.

Practitioners also reported back that many of their clients have come to prefer remote sessions due to cost, time and convenience as well as the safety and security of not having to drive, find parking etc

Please also remember that local lockdowns will happen according to local regulations regarding travel, offices, infection hot spots and you must keep on top of the local issues.

Above all, don’t panic, keep informed and stay safe.