What Is The Energy Practitioners Association?

The Energy Practitioners Association is an association for EFT Tapping, a Community Interest Company, a Non-Profit, who is serious about being approved/registered/recognised by government.

EFT Tapping

We are there for both professional practitioners of EFT Tapping and for lay users (self-practitioners)  and would-be users, from all walks of life, and with any requirements that can be helped by EFT Tapping. By the use of the terms EFT and Tapping, we refer to individuals’ unique interpretation, use, and delivery of both classical EFT and Tapping in all its useful forms. Our use of systems that hold a trademark are not connected to the holder/s of that trademark, as we honour the unique interpretation, within certain boundaries that we set in our high quality affordable training, of EFT Tapping for each person’s individual best use.