EFT Tapping – Why It Needs Recognition

Why we want recognition of EFT Tapping at government level

A solid route to recognition of EFT Tapping at government level is voluntary regulation. This means that we set minimum standards for the practice of EFT Tapping that will be approved by the government. This has been done successfully with Reiki.

Why regulate, you may well ask.

I am lucky. I am qualified as a Reiki healer, hypnotherapist and massage therapist. I can, as an extension of any of these modalities, offer EFT tapping.

However, many come to me for training in EFT tapping, and after learning it for themselves and loved ones, these lovely people that I have a duty towards often want to offer it to the general public. And if they have no other qualification, they can struggle to find sufficient EFT work to support themselves and their families. As my training is thorough, I see one highly capable EFT Practitioner after another struggle to make a living, all the time whilst they give a great service, freeing their clients from emotional and physical pain. I consider it unethical and immoral for me to train these wonderful people only to see them struggle or be forced to take a qualification in something else they have no interest in or the additional budget for.

I also consider it ethically and morally wrong for any trainer in EFT tapping to train people to a level of professional competence and even excellence, in the knowledge that, as good as these EFT practitioners may be, they cannot compete with the (commonly) counsellors, psychotherapists, massage therapists, and physiotherapists who also are EFT practitioners. This is because those other careers are already approved in one way or another by the government.

EFT Tapping should be recognised as a separate modality belonging to the genre of Energy Healing.

EFT Tapping is not psychology or physiology but energy. Energy healing is not a medical cure, it is not hocus pocus. Energy healing is the facilitation of the reaching of optimal possible physical and emotional health, using what is in the industry called “Energy”.

Let us all, trainers, practitioners, and self-practitioners, work together for a common goal.

Suzanne Zacharia, Director, Energy Practitioners Association CIC, a non-profit company.